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12/21/14:  COACHES Invite Results 2014Great day for the girls at HS Coaches Invite at VMAC in Thornton.  Sagebrush saw 6 of its girls divers qualify for the event, unfortunately, Bella Farrell was down in Colorado Springs competing in a rough Cheyenne Mtn Invite, overcoming a tough preliminaries (where she hit her feet piking out of a 404c in the competition, and receiving only 2's or lower from the judges).  She fought her way back to 22 points out of first, finishing 3rd overall.  Tough gal!!!  She's going to make a GREAT officer in the USAFA in the future!!!  At Coaches Invite, Julia Benz finished strong in Finals to end up 4th overall, scoring a personal best 467.55 pts, which would be a school-record at most HS's in Colorado, if it weren't for Meili Carpenter, who raised the bar years ago.... Julia is by far the highest placing Fairview diver since Meili, and she's still learning so much.  Fairview Knights were only 7 pts behind Team Champion Regis Jesuit HS at the end of the day, as well, Julia did her best to help in the team's efforts, improving from last season's 22nd place finish (and 32nd in 2012).  She is no longer under the radar!!!  Next was Grace Newell, the Monarch Butterflies SENIOR, who returns this last HS season after a year off, taking her junior year off due to shoulder surgery.  She returned to the podium finishing 8th, but her 11-dive score improved to 443.55 pts, a new school-record, improved from her 367 pts she scored two seasons ago when she also placed 8th.  Finally, we had to put a shout out to Savannah Magness, also a senior with the Monarch Butterflies, who owned both the 6-dive and 11-dive records before this season started.  She made it back into the top 16, and we couldn't be more proud of her.  Sami Scarano, a junior for Centaurus HS, finished 31st in her first large championship-style diving meet.  Her twin sister, Erin Scarano, finished 38th.  Both girls have achieved one 6-dive State Qual this season, while Erin qualified by scoring over 300 pts at the East Angel Invite a week ago.  Sami WILL qualify!!!  Keeley Coffee rounded out the Sagebrush divers, finishing JUST OUTSIDE of the first cut in 34th.  She has been on the diving board the least out of all the girls, and is making up for lost time.  The future is bright for Sagebrush divers... even the ones that didn't quite make it to Coaches (there were only two and they are both brand new to diving!).  Go Sagebrush!!!


12/03/14:  Three Sagebrush Divers compete in their first HS action after missing last season.  Grace Newell (SR signed with TCU), Erin Scarano (JR), and Sami Scarano (JR) all competed in their first HS action after sitting out with injuries (Grace had shoulder surgery at Christmas 2013 because she is Gumby!!!  Erin and Sami had to let their bodies heal last season from EVERYthing that gymnastics and cheer can break in your body!!!).  The girls all achieved their first qualifying score for HS State Championships (Grace 252.5 pts, Erin 224.8 pts, and Sami 208 pts).  Congratulations to all three girls (and their teammates, miss you Savvy, who scored 220 in her first HS meet, we are proud of you too!!!).  



Congrats to Julia Benz (3rd All-Time 16-18 with 245.70 pts) and Grace Newell (8th all-time 16-18 with 232.8 pts)

who cracked the Top Twenty this year!!!  Campbell Patteson stayed 15th All-Time in the 13-under Girls with 177.45 (but after the meet, would have added 15 points to her total if she had only done her 403c instead of 401b).  

Special Thanks to Grant Robinson (Altitude) and Johnna Jaynestein (Sagebrush Masters Diver) for being our guest judges.



07/30/14:  CAMPBELL PATTESON finished 33rd at the Speedo Junior Nationals meet hosted by USA Diving at the U of Tennessee.  Was quite a turnaround for Campbell, her best dive turned out to be her nemesis (201), scoring 14 points lower than her typical back dive, but her other dives carried her and kept her competitive in her first Speedo Nationals meet.  We are so proud of her!!!  Way to represent, Chicken Noodle!!!


07/27/14:  2014 AAU Nationals Coverage            TEAM FINISH:  15th out of 59 teams

Patrick Aber:  10th on both 1M and 3M

Davis Patteson:  19th on 1M, 7th on 3M, 17th Synchro 1M (Campbell aka "Elizabeth")

Campbell Patteson:  4th on 1M, 7th on 3M, 17th Synchro 1M (Davis aka "Mary)

Taylor Jackson: 13th on 3M, 11th on 1M, 9th Synchro 1M (Newell), 5th Synchro 3M (Newell)

Devin Perry:  5th on 1M, 8th on 3M, 8th Synchro 1M (Markus), 5th Synchro 3M (Lester)

Julia Benz:  3rd on 1M, 18th on 3M, 19th Synchro 1M (Farrell), 25th Synchro 3M (Farrell)

Grace Newell:  27th 1M, 18th 3M, 9th Synchro 1M (Jackson), 5th Synchro 3M (Jackson)

Bella Farrell:  18th 1M, 34th 3M, 19th Synchro 1M (Benz), 25th Synchro 3M (Benz)

Markus Perry:  8th 1M, 6th 3M, 8th Synchro 1M (Devin)

Duncan Lester:  3rd on 3M, 5th in Synchro 3M (Devin)


07/02/14:  Colorado AAU District Championships at CSU.  Sagebrush Diving qualified a total of 8 divers to AAU Nationals.  Patrick Aber started things off by winning his 1M and 3M competition, with scores of 102.15 pts and 116.25 pts respectively.  Duncan Lester found pay dirt in his events, winning with 328.73 pts and 334.28 pts, respectively.  Devin Perry won his 1M and 3M events with 373.58 and 434.33 pts respectively.  Markus Perry won his 1M and 3M events 311.70 pts and 312.75 pts respectively.  The girls had the same success.  Micaela Kimmett won her events 206.18 pts and 214.05 pts.  Grace Newell won her events 335.40 and 344.63 pts.  Julia Benz only competed in the 3M event, winning with 360.83 pts.  Bella Farrell also competed in the 3M event, only, scoring 320.48 pts, but most importantly, absolutely NAILING her 305c for 6's!!!  Well done to everybody!!!  These 8 divers will be joined by teammates Taylor Jackson, Campbell Patteson, and Davis Patteson, who have already qualified.  Hope to see everybody at AAU Nationals in Atlanta.


06/25/14:  Team gearing up for AAU Nationals in Atlanta.  

This weekend (Sunday the 29th), we are competing at the Colorado AAU District Championships up in Fort Collins at Moby Pool, 11:30a-12:55p, with the first event starting at 1p sharp.  $15 per event.  Should be a great time.  Parents must update their AAU memberships at, and we need to know what dives they wish to compete by Friday. Also, entries are currently being taken at for the AAU National Championships.  Live results will be easily found on that website during the entire meet.  


06/16/14:  Sagebrush Diving finishes 4th out of 9 teams overall at Region 6 Championships in Lincoln.

Day 2 brought lotsa success, with Campbell Patteson highlighting the day with a win in the Group C 1M event, Davis Patteson getting her second medal, this time 6th place on 1M, Duncan Lester getting 2nd overall in the Group B 1M, Taylor Jackson getting 2nd overall in the Group B 1M, Devin Perry getting 7th on 3M, and Julia Benz finishing her strongest DD list ever in finishing 17th on 3M.  Just an outstanding weekend for our team.  Congrats to all the kids!!!



06/14/14:  Sagebrush Divers Dive STRONG in 2nd day of Region 6 Championships.  After skipping the platform events on the first day of Region 6 Championships in Lincoln, NE, Sagebrush competed in a windfest on Day 2.

Taylor Jackson and Duncan Lester led the way, winning both of their 14/15 events, each earning their first REGIONAL GOLD MEDALS.  Good timing, too, as they are both finally into some pretty big dives.  Meanwhile their teammates placed well despite our main facility (Metro State) shutting down indefinitely for over a week.  Davis Patteson started things off GREAT for the team, placing 5th on 3-meter in her first junior diving competition on that height.  Then big sister, Campbell Patteson, continued the trend, finishing only 10 points out of 1st, finishing 3rd on 3-meter!!!  Then the old kids stepped up to the plate, with the girls politely performing first.  Grace Newell, in her first competitive action after only weeks ago being cleared to dive after shoulder surgery at Christmas, put all her dives down with the exception of her two traditionally best dives (both take a confident reach through the shoulder joint, 203c and 303c).  She placed 18th, but we all agree that things look bright, now that her shoulder is fixed.  Glad she is back in the game!!!  Julia Benz, still only in her second season of diving, finished 14th with a solid list of dives.  She is starting to stand everything back up, and our end-of-Summer meet looks bright for her, especially on 3M (which is competed tomorrow).  Then, Taylor Jackson on 3-meter... She led pretty much from start to finish, winning her first regional crown on 3-meter.  She dove ill!!!  Finally, da Sagebrush Boyz... Devin Perry in 16-18, with one of the lowest DD's in the group, performed well finishing 8th overall, and bigger DD to come!  Duncan Lester put the icing on the cake for Sagebrush Diving, winning the 3M by 30 points, leading virtually from start to finish.  RESULTS



05/19/14:  Congrats to Sagebrush Boys at 5A State Championships!!!

Senior Matt Mauser led the way, placing 4th his senior year as his last act for Regis Jesuit HS before heading out to Iowa to train/dive/study as a Hawkeye.  Senior Zach Mullins placed 6th as his last act for Lewis-Palmer HS before heading out to Cal Baptist University to train/dive/surf/study for the Lancers.  Zach's teammate, Sophomore Devin Perry, finished 8th which was just enough to make a podium finish after a shaky start, giving LPHS a solid core of returning divers for next season (two other LP divers made State).  Also competing at 5A State:  Sophomore Jon Clements (Mtn Range) 13th, Freshman Duncan Lester (Fairview) 14th, and Junior Jake Volin (Denver East) who finished just outside of the top 20.


05/07/14:  All SAGEBRUSH Boys Showing up in the TOP 15 for 5A!!!  Highlights:  Matt Mauser and Zach Mullins are No. 2 and No. 3 in 5A, with Devin Perry (7th) and Jonathon Clements (10th) rounding out the Top 10.  Duncan Lester (12th) and Jake Volin (15th) round out the rest of the Top 15 divers.  The only Sagebrush Diver that didn't make it into the top 15 was newcomer Jon Hoeffel, who had a pretty significant foot/ankle injury during a HS practice, requiring surgery to fix his foot, but he was working toward qualifying for State at the time of the injury.  Congrats to all the boys this HS season!!!   Things are heating up.  This weekend: 5A State at VMAC, 4A State at EPIC.


05/03/14:  Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!  To celebrate, several divers traveled to Meyers Pool in Arvada for a fun, friendly meet called Synchro de Mayo!  The meet was held on May 3, 2014.  Sagebrush Results:  MHDC hasn't posted results as of 5/12/14.  


3/22/14:  Boys HS Coaches Invite Complete Results:  HS Format   Detailed  There were 6 Sagebrush Divers (or former) that competed in today's Coaches' Invite at VMAC, with all six making it to the Top 20.  Congrats to Matt Mauser (finished 4th overall at 457.45), Zach Mullins (finished 6th with 428.00), Devin Perry (with an incredible 141 point improvement over Coaches' 2013, finished 7th with 426.20), and Jake Volin (a sweet 56 point improvement over Coaches 2013, trained with Sagebrush thru January 2014) finished 13th with 355.30.  Jonathan Clements (28th in 2013, trained with Sagebrush thru December'13) finished a much-improved 17th overall, missing the finals cut by only 0.35pts with 253.50.  Duncan Lester (trained with Sagebrush thru October'13) finished 19th overall.  Well done gentlemen, you make us PROUD!!!


03/17/14:  Region 6 Championships in the books!!!  Three Sagebrush Divers qualify to West Nationals (Jackson, Lester, Shelton).  All 8 divers did great.  More details soon!!!  Sagebrush Diving finished 6th out of 14 teams overall, well done TEAM SAGEBRUSH.  RESULTS


02/15/14:  STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS IN THE BOOKS!!!   Well done, Sagebrush Ladies!!! First-time State Qualifier Taylor Jackson, highest ranking freshman in the State from Mountain Range HS, led the way placing 5th overall... followed OH SO CLOSELY by 6th place finisher Isabella Farrell (junior at Palmer HS who was 13th in 2013) and 7th place Alli Murphy (senior at Lakewood HS who was 16th in 2013 and LAST place in 2012), all three girls within 1.5 pts of 4th place.  Julia Benz (sophomore at Fairview HS) gave her TEAM RUNNER-UP Fairview HS some valuable points by placing 11th overall in diving (21st in 2013, HUGE!!! improvement).  Savannah Magness (who was 29th in 2013) finished strong to improve to 14th after squeeking into finals!!!  Also proud of Katie Nissle, junior at Horizon HS, who placed 13th, and Sydney Brookstein, sophomore at Legacy HS, who finished 22nd, and Danielle Clayton, senior at Regis Jesuit, who made it to State Championships for the first time, we couldn't be more proud of you. 


5A State (Detailed)          4A State


11/20/13:  Congrats to Sagebrush Divers Matt Mauser and Zach Mullins, who both are committing to furthering their diving careers in college next year.  Mauser, a senior at Regis Jesuit HS, committed to University of Iowa and will be starting his training with the Hawkeyes while starting Summer School in June 2014 in preparation for Big Ten competition in the Fall.  Mullins, a senior at Lewis Palmer HS, committed to California Baptist University and will be starting his training with the Lancers in the Fall of 2014 in preparation for the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference.  


11/11/13:  15th Annual Sagebrush Diving Invite is in the books, and we have officially transformed the historical documents to reflect a TOP 20 of All-Time.  So see if you made the TOP 20 by clicking below:

                                GIRLS TOP 20 ALL-TIME                  BOYS TOP 20 ALL-TIME

Great job to all the divers from Altitude Divers, Colorado Stars, 307 Diving, Sagebrush Diving, and Mile High Dive Club.


09/05/13:  Sagebrush Diving is coming off one of our best diving seasons to date, and finishing up a much-needed break from competitive diving.  Interested in joining the team in 2013-14?  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR SAGEBRUSH DIVING @ METRO STATE!!!  As of today, our Competitive Team is COMPLETELY FULL and we continue to have a waiting list for entry into our competitive groups.  However, we are always taking new developmental divers, with those in the developmental group always taking precedence with regard to filling competitive team spots if they open up.  


08/03/13:  USAD Nationals in Minneapolis

Congratulations to Taylor Jackson and Matt Mauser, the only two Sagebrush Divers that competed at USA Diving's Age Group National Championships.  Both divers had a fine championship meet in Minnesota, with Taylor in the Top 12 (9th on 1-meter, also 25th on 3M), and Matt Top 12 on 1M (after qualifying 7th, finished 12th, also 21st on 3-meter).  Both look forward now to the 2013/14 new season as they both get to join all the other Sagebrush Divers for a much-needed break!!!  Sagebrush Diving placed 57th overall out of 88 teams that made it to AG Nationals (65 teams scored with at least one diver reaching the top 12, 23 teams had no divers qualify to Finals or Top 12).  Congrats to all for such a GREAT SEASON.  


07/29/13:  AAU National Championships in San Antonio

Sagebrush Diving nearly matched our 2012 team finish at AAU Nationals in the hotbed of diving of the USA, San Antonio, Texas.  Our team finished 11th with 148 points, and all 7 of our divers making the top 12 at least once individually and/or in synchronized diving.  Special congratulations goes to each of our divers for the listed accomplishments:

Zach Mullins (National Champ on 1M, 4th on 3M, 6th Synchro 3M)

Taylor Jackson (National Runnerup on 1M & 3M, 5th on platform, 6th Synchro 1M, 4th on Synchro 3M)

Matt Mauser (National Runnerup on 3M, 4th on 1M)

Duncan Lester (4th on 1M and platform, 7th on 3M)

Savannah Magness (14th on 3M, 16th on 1M, 19th on platform, 5th on Synchro 1M, 11th on Synchro 3M)

Julia Benz (16th on 1M, 14th on 3M, 16th on platform, 6th Synchro 1M, 4th Synchro 3M)

Grace Newell (12th on 3M, 21st on 1M, 5th on Synchro 1M, 11th on Synchro 3M)

2013 AAU Nationals Complete Results HERE


07/14/13:  USAD Summer Zone Championships in Columbia

Sagebrush Diving travelled to Columbia, Missouri, for USAD Zone Championships.  Congrats to Taylor Jackson (12th/13th/14th), Julia Benz (26th/25th), Devin Perry (13th/15th), Savannah Magness (30th/29th/26th), Grace Newell (32nd/26th/28th), and Matt Mauser (10th/8th/9th).  Sagebrush Diving placed 19th as a team overall, and 14th as a Men's Team.  


06/17/13:  Region VI Summer Championships in Arvada

Sagebrush Diving placed 4th as a team at the Arvada regional meet, as all eight (8) of our divers qualified on to Zone Championships in every event they competed at Regionals (joining Jayhawk Diving and Longhorn Aquatics as the only teams to accomplish such a feat, although Sagebrush easily beat both teams in the team standings). Congrats to Taylor Jackson (5th/5th) and Julia Benz (9th/8th) in the 14/15 Girls events, Grace Newell (14th/11th) and Savannah Magness (18th/13th) in the girls 16-18 events, Devin Perry (7th/8th) and Duncan Lester (9th/9th) in the boys 14/15 events, and Matt Mauser (4th/4th) and Zach Mullins (6th/10th) in the boys 16-18 events.  


05/14/13:  2013 Colorado HS State Championships.

Sagebrush Divers opened some eyes at Colorado Boys High School State Championships.  Cody Engstrom (senior at Broomfield HS and signed to dive at BYU) led most of the way to win his second consecutive State title at 4A State, while Matt Mauser (junior at Regis Jesuit), Zach Mullins (junior at Lewis-Palmer) and Devin Perry (freshman at Lewis-Palmer) made some noise of their own at 5A State.  Perry, a freshman, only diving since January of 2013, nearly made the podium (top 8), finishing 9th overall in the first of what will probably be a colorful diving career.  Mullins made it to State in 2012, finishing that season at 24th (behind teammates Markus Perry and Jordan Purdham).  This season, it was a different story... he led the way for Lewis-Palmer, placing 4th just ahead of his teammate Purdham.  I'm thinking Lewis-Palmer could end up with 3-4 guys vying for a podium finish in 2014?  But the big story at 5A State was the battle at the top between HS teammates Matt Mauser and Kyle Goodwin.  After prelims, Goodwin had a 13-point lead.  After semifinals, Mauser had cut the lead to 6 points.  And in finals, the difference was less than 3 points, with Goodwin winning his 2nd consecutive title.  However, between 2012 and 2013, Mauser (who finished Runner-up for the 2nd consecutive season) closed the gap between 1st and 2nd by 43 points.  That's pretty significant.  Stay tuned for the 2014 HS season... should be an exciting event, to say the least.  4A Boys    5A Boys


05/09/13:  Sagebrush Divers Lead the Way into the last week of HS Boys Diving Season.  Cody Engstrom (512.75 pts) leads all Colorado HS divers in the 11-dive event rankings, with Matt Mauser (4th with 457.55pts) and Zach Mullins (5th with 434.65 pts).  Devin Perry, brand new to diving in January of this year, is currently ranked 19th with 366.75 pts.  All four of our HS-aged boys are in the top 20.  We are very proud of them all as they continue to hone their diving skills for HS League and State Championships.   COLORADO HS BOYS LEADERS     11-dive


04/22/13:  Coach Kev took his Metro State University of Denver team to Atlanta, GA, over the weekend to host the ECC College Club Nationals at Georgia Institute of Technology.  His male divers scored enough team points to push their national finish to 16th overall (men finished 3-4-5 on both boards, and the only thing keeping them from finishing 3-4-5-6 was we could only take 3 individuals into finals).  Abdul Yacubu finished his college diving career by taking home the bronze medal on both boards.  The highlight for the team was Hannah Herbold, who set new national records on 1M and 3M in winning double-gold!!!  Congrats to her and all her teammates (Yacubu, Sam Bender, Tyler Box, and Joe Diefenbach).  Another highlight of the weekend... most top level championship meets have a "walk-on song" pumping on the speakers while the top finalists come out to swim or dive.  MSUD led the way in crazy diver dancing to get the crowd into the excitement of the upcoming final.  DETAILED RESULTS   CRAZY DIVER DANCE PARTY VIDEO


04/14/13:  USA Diving West National Championships (San Antonio, TX)  Details @ MEET RESULTS

11-under Boys:  Jack Ryan 21st on 1M  115.35 pts

13-under Boys:  Casey Fellows 19th on 1M  188.5 pts

14-15 Girls:  Taylor Jackson 20th on 1M  254.2 pts

16-18 Boys:  Matt Mauser 14th on 3M  458.2 pts

14-15 Boys:  Devin Perry 25th on 1M  222.85 pts


03/19/13:  SAGEBRUSH DIVING finishes 6th out of 16 club teams at Region 6 Championships

Sagebrush Diving went head-to-head against 16 of the best club teams from 10 States, and finished a strong 6th overall.  With 13 young divers competing against the top talent in Region 6 along with a large contingency of talent from Texas, Arizona, and CA jumping into our region, we still had 5 divers qualify for West Nationals (Jack Ryan, Casey Fellows, Matt Mauser, Devin Perry, and Taylor Jackson).  All of our divers had great days, but in some cases, due to the region hoppers, were denied a trip to West Nationals.  No worries, though.  Our Region is improving and will continue to get stronger.  As will Sagebrush Diving...




1 Grace Newell (1) Monarch Butterflies 398.80 pts 9th 5A State Finals
2 Jessica Glass (5) Cherry Creek Strawberries 384.30 10th 5A State Finals
3 Allison Murphy (4) Lakewood Longhairs 348.85  16th 5A State Finals
4 Rowan Dunn (6) Conifer Coyotes 332.15 12th 4A State Finals
5 Julia Benz (3) Fairview Knights who say Ni! 162.35 21st 5A State Prelims
6 Savannah Magness (1) Monarch Butterflies 145.95 29th 5A State Prelims

02/02/13:  LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS... CONGRATS TO ALL OUR GIRLS!!! Good luck at State!!!

1 Grace Newell (2) Monarch Butterflies 415.70 pts* Front Range League 2nd
2 Savannah Magness (2) Monarch Butterflies 404.60* Front Range League 3rd
3 Jessica Glass (5) Cherry Creek Strawberries 389.95* Centennial League 2nd
4 Alli Murphy (1) Lakewood Fighting Calicos 380.55* Jeffco League 2nd
5 Julia Benz (4) Fairview Days 341.05* Front Range League 9th
6 Danielle Clayton (8) Regis Jesuit Broncos 300.95 Continental League 12th
7 Rowan Dunn (6) Conifer Coyotes 277.55* Jeffco League 8th
8 Chiara Dart (7) George Washington Dollars 195.55 Denver Public Schools 8th

*Qualified for State either at this meet, or in the case of Rowan Dunn, had already qualified. 


12/17/12:  Coaches Invite 2012 (all the best HS girls in both 4A and 5A)

From Julia Benz and Rowan Dunn who were doing the Coaches Invite for the first time (Julia made the first cut after only diving for a month, Rowan made top 20 in her first Coaches Invite, which is pretty incredible), to Danielle Clayton (who finished last place in 2011 only to move up from 37th in 2011 to 19th in 2012... awesome!!!), then Alli Murphy (22nd in 2011, who has been on fire recently, finishing 12th scoring 6 team points for Lakewood!), then Savannah Magness (23rd in 2011, 11th this year and officially reached her first State Qualification, Party Time!!!), then Jess Glass (14th in 2011, moved up to 9th this year and we couldn't be happier!!!), and finally Grace Newell (18th in 2011, 8th this year, can you say podium finish?  Together with her HS teammate Savannah, they scored a whopping 18 team points for their Monarch team).  I also want to thank the boys for their support, especially Cody Engstrom who sent me just about every dive within seconds of it happening with a note about scores.  And to Taylor Jackson and Maddy Pawlak (Maddy, that POSTER was FABULOUS and hilarious!!!  You got the girls so bad with that slam on their guinea pig.I was crying). 


11/10/1214th Annual Sagebrush Diving Invite is in the books.  Six teams attended, with Sagebrush Diving eventually taking the team title for the 3rd time in the 14-year history of the traditional early-season meet.  Individually, fourteen (14) divers rewrote history by writing their name into the all-time TOP TEN history books, in order of the top performers.  Congratulations to all who competed!!!  We are so happy you came to Denver, and hope you had safe travel home in the snowstorm!!!           INDUCTEES TO THE All-Time TOP TEN

Taylor Jackson (Sagebrush Diving) replaced Michal Bower (Loveland Boardworks) as 1st on 1M, 3rd on 3M

Ryleigh Kobbe (307 Diving) replaced Hannah Herbold (MHDC) as 1st on 1M

Cody Engstrom (Sagebrush Diving) finished 2nd on 1M, 3rd on 3M

Rendi Jones (Bear River Dive Club) finished 2nd on 3M (11-under), 4th on 3M (13-under)

Jack Ryan (Sagebrush Diving) finished 2nd on 1M

Savannah Magness (Sagebrush Diving) finished 3rd on 1M, 10th on 3M

Grace Newell (Sagebrush Diving) finished 3rd on 1M, stayed 5th on 3M

Hayley Pingell (Unattached) finished 5th on 1M

Sydney Brown (Altitude Divers) finished 6th on 3M

Bailey Williams (Sagebrush Diving) finished 7th on 3M

Alli Murphy (Sagebrush Diving) finished 7th on 3M

Michaela Pooler (307 Diving) finished 8th on 1M

Matt Mauser (Sagebrush Diving) finished 9th on 1M

Casey Fellows (Sagebrush Diving) finished 9th on 3M


11/01/12:  Results of the Mock Meets we did on 1M & 3M (click on the board)


10/23/12:  The 14th Annual Sagebrush Diving Invite will be conducted at Metro State on Saturday, November 10. Do you have what it takes to achieve an all-time Top Ten ranking?  Check it out and seeya at the pool.  Events and meet registration will be open shortly on  Stay tuned!!!


8/1/12:  SAGEBRUSH DIVING finishes 9th at AAU National Diving Championships.

It was a banner day for Sagebrush Diving, as our 6 divers landed in the Top Ten as a team at National Championships in North Carolina.  So very proud of our Colorado divers!!!  VIDEO BY MATT MAUSER


6/19/12:  Congratulations to three very distinguished Sagebrush Divers, Meili Carpenter, Cody Engstrom, and Matt Mauser.  Read Below...


Meili Carpenter dove with Sagebrush Diving until she left for the University of Buffalo, where she continues to train with Head Diving Coach Karla Helder.  She has had a colorful career, having won 5A State Championships and the prestigious Coaches Invite during her HS career, and has achieved All-American both in HS and in NCAA Division I.  Meili now has taken this diving thing to a whole new level.  This week at 2012 USA Diving Olympic Trials in Federal Way, Washington, she competed against 31 of the best 3M springboard competitors over the past 3.5 years in the United States.  After preliminaries and semifinals, she sits 6th overall with Finals remaining on Saturday evening, to be aired "almost" live on NBC Sports.  Only the top 12 continue on into Finals.  In the process, she is the only diver left with no NATIONAL TEAM or OLYMPIC PERFORMANCE SQUAD or JUNIOR ELITE status.  As a matter of fact, while she is only in 6th place, she leads at least 15 divers that are receiving some form of financial and training support and assistance from our National Training program in USA DIVING.  Good luck to her and to Coach Karla!!!  Maybe her performance at Olympic Trials will get their attention.  We are SOOOOOO proud of you!!!


Cody Engstrom, who recently won the 4A State Championship for the first time, was selected by a panel of diving coaches representing all corners of the United States for 2012 NISCA All-American in Diving.  Congrats to him and his proud family and friends!!!


Matt Mauser, who recently finished runnerup to his HS teammate at 5A State Championships after he led the first 4-5 rounds, was selected by a panel of diving coaches representing all corners of the United States for 2012 NISCA All-American in Diving.  Congrats to him and his proud family and friends!!!


NISCA All-American in Diving:  A Quick How-To

The process involves parents/coaches of the best divers in the United States submitting a DVD of a diver's list from a 2011-12 HS meet.  A panel of 9 coaches sit in a conference room and score the meet independently.  The committee then ranks all the dive lists based on peer-reviewed and nationally-accepted judging criteria.  A long and grueling process, they then announce the top 100 divers as All-American.  Divers must achieve the following two criteria before submitting a tape for review:  Girls must have 13.0DD for their 6 optional dives, and boys must have 13.3DD for their 6 optional dives.  On top of that, each must also achieve a total 11-dive score of 375pts, or place top 6 at their respective HS State meet.  Go to NISCA for more detailed information.


5/1/12:  Sagebrush places 5th as a team at 16th Annual Spring Fling MEET RESULTS


4/28/12:   Cody Engstrom Shows The Power of an Eagle, Clawing His Way to Mustang Diving Invite Title at VMAC in Thornton, CO  Against the two strongest 5A seniors in the State of Colorado (Andrew Hull at EAST, and Eric McMillin at Rocky Mtn), Cody Engstrom recovered from a missed gainer (305c) in semifinals to win at the 2012 4A State venue, VMAC in Thornton, just a couple weeks away.  Good place to win, after narrowly placing second to Hull just less than a month ago at Coaches Invite.  RESULTS and INDIVIDUAL DIVE CARDS (Cody page 41) are posted (thanks so much to meet director, DJ Hummel, for sending). 


4/19/12:       USA West Nationals in OKC                   LIVE RESULTS HERE

Cody Engstrom, Taylor Jackson, Duncan Lester, and Matt Mauser represented the Sagebrush Diving National Team in Oklahoma City, OK, surviving thunderstorms, tornados, delays, and abrupt changes in the format of a meet (first time I have ever seen an INDOOR facility freak out about weather outdoors).  Click on the Live Results HERE link above for detailed results.  Congrats to all the divers, and watch and see how they continue to improve. 


3/31/12:  Sagebrush BOYZ fair well at Coaches InviteCody Engstrom, Matt Mauser and Charlie Marks competed last weekend at the prestigious Coaches Invite.  The competition was fierce and MUCH deeper than last year's meet.  Happy to say that two Sagebrush Boyz made it onto the podium (top 8), with Mauser finishing 6th overall (he placed 3rd at the meet last year, but is obviously much better) and Engstrom taking home the silver medal, only 15 points out of 1st placing behind the powerful Andrew Hull (of Denver East and Denver Triton).  Marks ended up on the tail end of a controversy that I hope the Coaches Invite committee sorts out before the next Invite.  Charlie was in 3rd place after 1 dive, but then proceeded to miss his next two dives.  Wasn't his best day, but was in 27th at the point that they cut to the top 32.  The meet committee decided that they were only going to let 4 Regis divers into the top 32 (contradictory to the only meet requirement that each team may only qualify 4 athletes into the top 16).  A little premature on knocking him out, and he was the 5th wheel, so to speak, on this machine we call Regis Jesuit.  A couple other former Sagebrush divers faired well, with JP Nelson finishing 15th, and Aaron Hagglof placing 30th. Results


3/13/12:  Sagebrush Diving runs into toughest competition yet in Region 6 championships!  The good news is our team still qualified 4 divers in six events to the West Championships meet to be held in Oklahoma City.  The even better news is... the majority of our team was quickly educated on what we need to do to get to the next level.  "I'm very excited about what this competition will do to the training attitudes of our divers," admitted Coach Kevin Sage.  "There is no doubt that we have some exciting things happening, but the fact remains that our team is still the most inexperienced and new team in the Region.  This meet gave each diver a wake-up call."  Despite that, Sagebrush Diving finished 6th out of 19 teams registered, to finish in the top 3rd of the group should feel good.  Hopefully, none of you are satisfied!!! 



2/25/12:  Sagebrush Divers Get Ready for Region 6.  The divers competed in a Regional format meet to get ready for the upcoming Region 6 Championships.  All did a great job, learned much and hopefully are more ready to take on the region's best divers.  Up next, 145 divers from 19 of the best clubs in 9 States converge on Meyers Pool in Arvada, CO, the weekend of March 10-11, 2012.  Pre-Regional RESULTS.


2/11/12:   Congrats to all Sagebrush Divers that competed at 5A State.  Mercedes Clements 13th (and Colorado 5A Diver of the Year!!!), Grace Newell 21st (in her first State meet), Jessica Glass 23rd (in her first State meet), and Alli Murphy 33rd (in her first State meet).  Wow!!!  Congrats to all of you... can't wait to see what next HS season brings... until then, let's get ready to rumble for Spring and Summer season... and bring on the boys HS!!!


12/31/11:   Happy New Year.  Practices begin again on Tuesday, January 3rd.  See Team Email.


12/17/11:   Mercedes Clements (13th) and Jessica Glass (14th) made the Championship Finals of the Colorado Coaches Invite held at Veterans Memorial Aquatic Complex in Thornton, CO.  Congrats also goes to Grace Newell (18th), Alli Murphy (22nd), and Savannah Magness (23rd).  There were 40 divers qualified for the competition.


Congrats also to Meili Carpenter, who started the 2012 USA Diving National Championships with a RUNNERUP finish in the 1M Quarterfinals in Tennessee.  Her coach (Karla Helder, U of Buffalo, and Wings Diving head coach) has got to be proud.  Top 8 move on to Finals on Sunday.  Stay tuned... as three of the top four from the 2011 Summer Nationals did not even make the Final this meet.  Meili, showing her consistency, goes into the Final a heavy favorite, due to her consistency over the past three years in the 1M event.  This could be her first National Championship, and this is the last National meet before USA Olympic Trials.  Coach Kev's Prediction... Meili wins by 2.5 pts over Deidre Freeman!  Go Meili!!!


11/12/11:  Sagebrush Diving had a great team showing at the 13th Annual Sagebrush Diving Invite, winning the TEAM TITLE for only the 2nd time in the 13-year history of the longest standing Club diving invitational in Colorado.  Matt Mauser continued "doing what he do" (gangsta for "dove really well") by setting the ALL-TIME TOP SCORE in the 14/15 Boys 1-meter (shattering Sean Moore's 7-year old record, and leading a virtual "Who's Who" of top male divers from Colorado).  Mauser also finished 2nd ALL-TIME just 8 points behind Moore's best on 3-meter.  SIX Other New Top Ten Divers:  Matt Jagiello Boys 1M (Altitude Divers), Taylor Jackson in Girls 1M & 3M (Sagebrush Diving), Duncan Lester Boys 3M (Sagebrush Diving), Grace Newell Girls 1M & 3M (Sagebrush Diving), Savannah Magness Girls 1M & 3M (Sagebrush Diving), and Mercedes Clements Girls 1M (Sagebrush Diving). 



10/15/11:  Metro State Diving takes team title for second straight season in the 2nd Annual Roadrunner Diving Invite, held at the Auraria Campus Pool.  Colorado took the women's title, and Metro State also won the Men's title.  RESULTS


For past news, please visit News and Views page for archives of news and history of Sagebrush Diving.



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